Disney Imagination campaign for AA Audience


Creating a “Disney Experience” that enriches a child’s imagination and provides a life-changing and mind-opening adventure that parents will want to give their children right now.

Walt Disney tasked CHWA with expanding engagement among the AA (African American) crowd through a compelling advertising campaign with relevant insights to a diverse audience.

Key Challenges

Prior to 2006, there was no AA targeted advertising by Disney despite research showing African Americans thought highly of the brand overall.

Studies suggested that AAs were less likely to visit Disney theme parks. They had less affinity toward Disney’s stories and characters.

The audience believed that a Disney vacation was more aspirational than realistic: “How can I use my resources to benefit my family today, not tomorrow?”

Creative Objective

Expand park visits among AA mothers with kids aged 4–9. Since AA mothers value education and experience for their kids, it was important to endorse a visit to Disney as an enriching and valued experience.



  • Reframe the “Disney Experience” to a tangible AA consumer motivation, creating a sense of urgency to book a Disney vacation.
  • Create a “Disney Experience” that provides a life-changing, mind-opening experience that parents will want to give their children right now.
  • Energize the idea of expanding your child’s imagination to dream of a new world with endless possibilities.


  • Increased consumer consideration (80%).
  • Increased positive feeling about WDW (91%).
  • AA penetration in park attendance increased 14% during the year of the campaign launch.
  • Email blast achieved 70% of the lead generation goal on the first day and 120% of goal within the first month.
  • Was universally liked (#8 IAG).
  • Ran in the General Market rotation (adaptation of GM strategy) as well as all Disney stores in the U.S. and Canada.
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