My Black Is Beautiful campaign for AA audience

My Black Is Beautiful

Revitalizing and modernizing the 1960s black anthem of “black is beautiful” for today’s African American female to create a new culture of African American beauty.

P&G approached CHWA to solve a unique brand awareness challenge. P&G had five beauty brands, and each brand faced a unique awareness and trial barrier/distribution issue with the AA female market (18–54).

Key Challenges

Research showed that overall, the AA female market found that their beauty was neither celebrated nor given any particular attention by mass brands. Therefore, they felt ignored and unvalidated by beauty companies.

“The world does not appreciate my beauty.”

Pantene: Drive Pantene’s shine equity and conditioner superiority by highlighting its key African American collection, Relaxed & Natural (R&N), to create consumer conversion and loyalty.

Crest Pro Health: Build sole differentiation on strategic, desired equities among African American consumers within the beauty and wellness platform.

Tampax and Always: Endorse P&G feminine care brands’ support toward African American women so they can be free of worry to take on life.

Olay: Communicate the understanding that black women want to maintain the flawless look that they’ve been blessed with.

CoverGirl Queen Collection: Highlight the CoverGirl Queen Collection by promoting its shades designed to match, not mask, the beautiful skin tones of women of color.

Creative Objective

Leverage corporate scale to develop a flexible platform to address the issues of each supporting brand, targeting African American women 18–54.

Integrate a multi-brand display opportunity and beauty platform and highlight retailers who “give back” to the community.


My Black is Beautiful

Revitalize and modernize the 1960s black anthem of ‘black is beautiful’ for today’s African American female.” 

  • Inspire a national dialogue for, about and by African American women.
  • Demonstrate that the brand shares the values of African American females and hold up a mirror so the brand then feels like it is “one of us.”
  • Celebrate and empower each African American woman to take ownership of how her beauty is defined.

Three main events:

  1. Mall Event: Engaged consumers by providing brand trial experiences with beauty professionals.
  2. Retailer Stops: Allowed key retail customers to offer shoppers customized opportunities to participate in the tour while also driving incremental merchandising support.
  3. Main Event: Local market tour provided consumers an all-day beauty extravaganza that heroized P&G participating brands and featured celebrity panel discussions with conversation rooms.

Total brand integration:

  • Pantene: Hair analysis and casting calls
  • Crest: Non-invasive oral examination mall events
  • Always/Tampax: Tampax fashion style challenge; Always “Let It Flow” Lounge
  • Queen Collection: Makeup consultation mall events
  • Olay: Skin analysis, celebrity panel discussions


  • Net sales increase +26% vs. YA
  • Above-average brand unaided awareness, with 25–65% recalling the sponsoring brands (vs. 15–20% benchmark)
  • Strong purchase intent, with 50–69% much more/somewhat more likely to buy sponsored brands after the event (vs. 25–35% benchmark for similar events)
  • Launched as a 2009 television show premiere on BET
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